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NVISIONx [n-vision-x] is the leading data risk Intelligence platform that classifies enterprise data enabling you to know what to protect and what to purge, so you can take action to optimize security controls, reduce risk and cut costs.

Cyber controls cannot protect what it cannot identify.

NVISIONx’s powerful solution protects every businesses’ most valuable data. This is what we call the Crown Jewels. Since we create complete data inventories of all your data, we also can detect useless data. This is what we call the Junk.

Our solution provides an actionable global view to business, privacy and cybersecurity professionals to make more informed decisions on what data to protect and what to purge.

We enable you to make data-driven decisions to optimize controls for protecting critical data and also defensibly purge files that no longer have business value, incur business risks, or impair compliance and cost you millions in avoidable storage costs.

Data protection controls actually work once critical data is identified and analyzed.

NVISIONx was founded by visionary and skillful professionals with extensive cyber and privacy expertise. We deliver exceptional operational outcomes for all businesses, regardless of size. Our mission is to help companies Protect their Jewels to reduce risk and Purge their Junk to reduce costs.

In the News

Platform Science

NVISNx & Platform Science Extend Partnership to Secure and Protect Critical Fleet/Driver Management Data

Partnership extended for two years to identify, continuously monitor and protect critical data, ensuring customer information is kept private and...
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Jamie Morri Joins NVISNx as Chief Revenue Officer

Jamie Morri Joins NVISNx as Chief Revenue Officer

Esteemed executive sales leader with 20+ years of experience in business and technology helping customers identify and protect their critical...
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Latinx Business Leaders

NVISNx Selected to Join Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs Access Network Among Elite Black and Latinx Business Leaders

EY Community to address ongoing disparity in funding and networking afforded to minority entrepreneurs with new opportunities, resources and capital...
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