We find and analyze all business data to identify data that is at risk and what to remediate.

With Nx, we now have a more reliable inventory of where patient data is stored, who has access and if our controls are really reducing risks of a breach.

CIO, Leading Health System

Get Control of Your Data

NVISIONx exists to revolutionize the way businesses control their data throughout its lifecycle by providing an actionable global view of your data. Unlike other solutions, we look beyond merely protecting known privacy data by finding and analyzing all business data and correlating cyber intel with critical data to identify data that is at risk and what to remediate.

80% of corporate data no longer has business value

65% of companies can’t categorize or analyze their data.

~80% of corporate data is left unprotected

We’re also dedicated to our customers’ bottom line. Nx can save you millions in data storage costs and noncompliance fees by eliminating data that is no longer needed and might be toxic.

Don’t be overwhelmed and let data control you. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your data and help you make smarter decisions so that your business can truly thrive.

For the first time, all business stakeholders have a complete global view to better coordinate and manage information governance, compliance, and cyber—which are now made easy with Nx.


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Nx is providing a new approach to understanding data and helping customers get proactive about managing risk and unlocking opportunities.


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