What is Data Risk Intelligence (DRI)?

What is Data Risk Intelligence (DRI)? Taking a Data First Approach to Optimize Data Protection Controls In our previous blog, ‘Data Risk Intelligence’ vs. ‘Data Security,’ we discussed the definition and importance of data visibility. We discussed legacy, cyber-focused controls vendors (e.g., Varonis) as well as privacy-focused vendors (e.g., BigID ) that take a tactical...
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Data Risk Intelligence (NVISIONx) vs. Data Security (Varonis)

Visibility, according to Merriam-Webster, means ‘capable of being seen’. It is not a new term in technology or cybersecurity. However, it is one that is commonly overused, stretched, inflated, exaggerated, and even hyped beyond the reality of what is being seen and what is not. After all, the point of visibility is not simply to...
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Cyber and privacy leaders collaborate to protect enterprise data.

Team with Business to Gain Control of Data Risks

After nearly two decades of data privacy compliance regulations to satisfy mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA, privacy breaches remain a leading business concern. It is evident that regulated data remains challenging to protect and compliance “checkbox” tools such as DLP is less data loss prevention and more data loss watch. Likewise, the valuable intellectual...
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