Cyber Risk

While IT Audit and Cyber Risk Leaders have different roles, you both are essential professionals in identifying risk and compliance concerns across the enterprise. You have a shared concern in detecting control weaknesses and risk and compliance gaps to protect the corporate brand.
Your success is contingent upon knowing what data is critical for each line of business, how it is being stored and processed, and confirming that installed controls are effectively protecting those assets in line with approved policies and security standards.

That’s where we come in…

  • Continuous Monitoring of Cyber Risk & Compliance Events

  • Continuous Monitoring of Vendors with Access to Critical Data

  • Global View of Where Critical Data is Stored

  • Timely Risk & Compliance Remediation

  • Identification of Cost Control Opportunities


Extreme data volumes and unknow IT systems directly challenge your ability to achieve your risk goals and compliance mandates.

NVISIONx provides a simplified global view of all your critical data with their associated controls to deliver continuous, data-driven risk & compliance insights.

Questions you might be asking yourself

  • What are our top data risk and compliance concerns?
  • Are our most critical data assets truly protected?
  • Do we have reliable data maps of where critical data is stored across the enterprise with ownership details?
  • Do we know what vendors have access to our critical data?
  • How can I have a continuous, data-driven ability to audit cyber & compliance controls on demand?

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