Information Intelligence

As a CIO, CDO or Information Guardian, you’re transforming the treatment of data as a business asset. You know some data has great value, while other data could be more of a liability from a legal, compliance and cost perspective.
Your success is contingent upon knowing where critical data is stored and what useless data could be purged to reduce enterprise storage costs.

That’s where we come in…

  • 100% file Transparency & Classification

  • Identify Critical Data

  • Identify ROT or Junk Data

  • Save $Ms in Enterprise Storage

  • Here are some honest truths


  • 90%

    …of respondents agree every organization will need to extract value from data to be successful in the future

  • 60%

    …of respondents report half or more of their organization’s data is dark

  • 77%

    …of global respondents agreed finding and capturing dark data should be a top priority


NVISIONx inventories and categorizes all your files to provide a global view of potential Junk data that could be disposed of to reduce your compliance scope, your attack surface and your operational costs.

Data-driven insights of what to retain and what to purge.

Questions you might be asking yourself

  • Can we find data quickly when we need it?
  • Do we have reliable data maps of where data is stored across the enterprise with ownership details?
  • Are we retaining more data than what we need or should keep?
  • Would an automated data disposal capability substantially reduce our compliance scope and administrative burdens?
  • How would our costs and operational efficiencies improve if we disposed of data that is no longer useful?

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