NVISIONx vs. Varonis

Only Protecting “Some” Data Isn’t Good Enough

Varonis offers visibility into approximately 20 unstructured data stores with their very relevant statement, “You can’t reduce risks you can’t see.” However, being limited to unstructured data for only a handful of key enterprise applications and data repositories, makes you wonder, “…what’s happening to other business critical data that I can’t see with Varonis?”

NVISIONx’s Nx Data Risk Intelligence Platform provides the industry’s most complete coverage across the enterprise for identifying, classifying and protecting all your data that matters. The Nx Platform has broader and deeper integration for over 400 applications and data stores, including structured databases, in your datacenter or in the cloud. That’s more than 20x of Varonis’ data visibility.

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

More Complete Coverage of All Data

400+  Apps & Data Stores

~20  Apps & Data Stores

Privacy Data is Important… So are Other Business Data

While privacy data (PI, PII, and PHI), PCI and SOX must be controlled and protected in compliance with regulatory mandates, for some companies, this may only account for a small percentage of the organization’s overall data set. Simple data discovery tools only query and find well-defined data, such as privacy.

What about other data that is unknown but may still present a risk to competitive advantage, operational resiliency or brand credibility if lost or stolen? What you don’t know, could put your company at greater risk than a compliance violation.

Why Not Control “All” Your Data?

With NVISIONx Everything is Covered

Is Only “Some” Data Good Enough?

Why Varonis Doesnt Stack Up to NVISIONx

The Nx Platform takes a different approach to enterprise data protection to ensure everything is identified and classified, and what needs to be protected. It conducts fast and efficient inventory scans to reliably identify everything that is stored within each application or data store. It then uses several analytical models ranging from rules-based through ML and AI to systematically dissect every file and database table to find, log and classify unique attributes that indicate sensitivity and could pose business risk if mishandled.  

The Nx Platform helps you make sense of truly complex data such as intellectual property, design files, research data, business strategies, competitive intelligence, board communications, and merger and acquisition materials. 

You Can’t Control What You Don’t Understand

Unlike Varonis’ tabular, technology-centric dashboards and reporting mechanisms that make it difficult to recognize trends, groupings, and other relationships between different types of data, the Nx Platform delivers rich, vibrant graphics, customizable dashboards with workflow automation and notification capabilities that are business-friendly, intuitive, and highly interactive with drill-down features for any visual object.

NVISIONx’s Graphical Views