The World's First and Only Data Risk Intelligence Platform

The Nx Platform is the first and only data intelligence platform to go beyond privacy compliance and access controls. It analyzes all business data and correlates cyber intelligence to provide a complete and actionable view of enterprise data, risks and minimization opportunities. Gain control of your data.

Data Risk Intelligence- Take Control of Your Data

Data Risk Intelligence automates the visual fusion of business data and cyber intelligence to bring all your data into focus, determine what data is critical (jewels) and what may be disposable (junk). By understanding your data, where it is, and who owns it, you can separate the junk from the jewels, and take control of data.

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Inventory Everything

The Nx Platform connects to any data store- cloud, on premise, structured or unstructured- it doesn’t matter, to create a complete inventory of all your data to protect what matters most and dispose of what doesn’t. You can’t manage what you can’t see.

Contextually Classify

Inventoried data undergoes rich analytics to classify its origin, usage, and importance, and sensitivities to establish alignment with business owners and cyber controls. Business, cyber and legal teams can now decide quicker and act more efficiently.

Protect What Matters Most

Once critical data is classified and tracked efficiently by your various data protection controls, the controls become more effective. False alarms are reduced and the business has the confidence to place these controls in blocking mode to mitigate breaches.

Purge Stale and Toxic Data

Purge Stale and Toxic Data

Most companies keep more data than they need which increases their attack surfaces, broadens their compliance scopes and incurs unavoidable and uncontrollable storage costs. Simply by disposing of junk data, risk compliance and costs improve.

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Proactive and Complete Trust

Data, cyber risks and people are dynamic. Point in time assessments don’t deliver trust in a world of constant change. Continuous monitoring allows for constant and proactive awareness of data risk concerns. Stop the incident before a breach.

Nx Platform Provides Data Risk Intelligence Across the Enterprise

Nx helps to keep your data secret, but your data cannot keep secrets from you. Whether you’re seeking to enhance data protection controls, improve privacy compliance, reduce data risks or minimize storage demands, Nx is your solution.

Data Protection

Data Privacy

Data Risk

Data Minimization


With the Nx Platform, categorizing and acting on data is accomplished via active collaboration between business end-users and IT professionals. Each department will work to categorize their own data in order to identify which data needs to be protected and which should be purged. IT will use this feedback to configure controls to protect what matters and eliminate what doesn’t.

Cross-collaboration leads to more reliable insights for optimizing controls and greater business transparency for more informed decisions.

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