Privacy Leaders are the final line of defense in protecting critical data and defending the corporate brand from embarrassing data breaches and ensuring compliance goals are being achieved.
Your success is contingent upon knowing where all privacy is stored, ensuring its being legitimately used /shared, and customers/patients and workforce members privacy rights are being processed in a timely and trusted manner.

That’s where we come in…

  • Identification of Unknown Systems that Store Privacy Data

  • Continuous Monitoring of Vendors with Access to Privacy Data

  • Near Realtime Processing of Privacy Rights Requests (minutes vs weeks)

  • Enablement of the Right to be Forgotten


NVISIONx identifies and provides a secure, simplified global view of all your privacy data to deliver data-driven insights to enhance your privacy compliance mandates- including the right to be forgotten.

Questions you might be asking yourself

  • Have we confirmed that any privacy data we collect is used in a legitimate manner?
  • For our privacy data, have we limited access to only those who truly need it?
  • Are we able to respond to privacy rights requests in a timely and efficient manner?
  • Are Customer, Patient, Workforce privacy data reliably inventoried and classified?
  • Do we have reliable data maps of where privacy data is stored across the enterprise with ownership details?

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