Data Protection

CISOs and Data Protection leaders are the final line of defense in protecting critical data and defending the corporate brand from embarrassing data breaches and ensuring compliance goals are being achieved.
Your success is contingent upon knowing what data is critical for each line of business, where it is stored, who has access and what are the permissible data flows.

That’s where we come in…

  • Detect Excessive / Inappropriate Access

  • Reduce ~99% DLP False Alerts

  • Find Where Critical Data was Moved

  • Reliably Enable DLP Blocking for All Critical Data

  • Enable Intelligent Insider Threat Alerting

  • Key business facts you should know…


  • 69%

    …of organizations say they were breached due to an insider threat and confirmed they had a data loss prevention (DLP) solution in place at the time of the breach

  • 63%

    Nearly two-thirds (63%) of survey respondents admit to bringing data from past employers to their new jobs.

  • 72%

    What’s more, most employees today feel entitled to personal ownership over their work. In fact, a large majority of information security leaders (72%) agree: “It’s not just corporate data, it’s my work – and my ideas.”


Cyber controls cannot protect what it cannot identify.
NVISIONx identifies and provides a secure, simplified global view of all your critical data to deliver data-driven insights of what to protect.

Questions you might be asking yourself

  • For our most critical data assets, have we limited access to only those who truly need it?
  • Do we have reliable data maps of where critical data is stored across the enterprise with ownership details?
  • Are the most critical data assets truly secure?
  • Are we effectively detecting & monitoring workforce members who pose the highest internal threat?
  • If a breach does occur, can we respond quickly based on the criticality of the data?

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